Winner of an Academy Award, J-Walt is the mastermind behind the mind-bending artistic live Virtual Reality show called Spontaneous Fantasia. He creates virtual worlds in real-time and guides the audience through them in a combination of computer-generated imagery and music that the Los Angeles Times described as “indescribably delicious.”

J-Walt’s work is not only a perfect marriage of art and technology, but a glimpse of the direction new media art is headed. Spontaneous Fantasia is a show that immediately grabs people of all ages with its dazzling use of color, computer generated imagery and music. At the same time it is deep enough to fascinate both technologists and artists who will appreciate the nuances of creating such complex art in real time.

Ahead of his time, J-Walt brings paintings to life, combining traditional performance theater with futuristic and spontaneous digital art in real-time. In an age of  digital video games, reality shows, formulaic sitcoms and non-stop twittering, J-Walt’s artistic approach echoes in contrast as the perfect alternative new kind of entertainment – one that pays homage to various contributions from the past, present and future – a cross between technology, mass entertainment, video games, fine arts, and pop culture.

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