History & Mission

Los Angeles Virtuosi Association Inc., a.k.a. LA Virtuosi and LAV, was set up in 2005 with the mission to bring classical music & fine arts to a broader and younger audience. Under the leadership of award winning conductor and violinist Olivia Tsui, LAV has been engaging and attracting world class virtuoso performers and fans not only in the greater Los Angeles area, but also in many cities in the US, Europe & Asia.

“Magical Journey Through Music and Digital Arts” is one unique project LA Virtuosi has already pioneered in the music and art world. With its new media of making live music and art simultaneously, in collaboration with academy award winning digital artist J-Walt, LAV has brought this new art form to many fascinated audiences from ages 4 to 104. It totally opened listeners minds and filled their senses. The aspect of combining music and high tech digital art has reached out to many people who had never been to a classical concert before.

Inspired by the Recovered Voices project, initiated by James Conlon (Music Director of Los Angeles Opera and one of Ms. Tsui’s conducting mentors), Ms. Olivia was keen to engage LAVirtuosi to build on this project. In addition to promoting music by talented composers whose voices were silenced by the Nazi Regime during World War II, Ms. Tsui extends the Recovered Voices project to discover & reintroduce the works of talented Chinese composers & artists whose voices were silenced by the Cultural Revolution in China after World War II.

LAV’s “No Empty Seats Project” has been providing opportunities to underprivileged children with a mentor-mentee program to inspire students to become more engaged with their community. Los Angeles Virtuosi, aka LAVirtuosi, LAV, is on a mission to become the musical ambassador to the world by using performances and education as a vehicle to bring people from different ages, colors, and ethnic backgrounds together.

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